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studying medicine in europe review

I feel compelled to write this review because I want students to choose the correct agency. This is because I have met so many students at my European Medical University who have used OTHER agencies and have had terrible experiences, on the other hand, I’ve had an amazing experience with an agency called Medlink Students.

When I tell students about my experience with Medlink Students, they always say that they wish they chose to go to Europe via Medlink Students. This agency is the best value for money. It is more transparent than any other agency, even though everyone claims to be “the cheapest”, Medlink Students NEVER had any hidden fees.

My best friend here in Eastern Europe agreed with another agency which I’ll keep unnamed on a £1500 fee, then afterwards he got asked for an additional £200 exam fee, plus around £180 for legalisation, plus £200 for translation, plus many other silly fees!

On the other hand, I paid a specific amount and sent my documents, and that’s all I had to worry about – I didn’t lift a finger or pay anything extra. Medlink students is an agency by doctors in Europe who have done their research and know their stuff.

They helped me choose the right apartment for me, the best bank for me as an English speaker, the phone company with the best service, the cheapest and best gym and helped me get my residence card – which was an awfully complicated experience for others. I was glad Medlink Students did it for me for free. Unfortunately, students don’t consider these “post-admission” tasks when they’re choosing an agency, but you should think about it carefully.

I was in a new country and I didn’t speak the language, so there’s no way I could’ve properly done these things on my own. The agents, who are students themselves, helped me with all of these things for free. They even threw parties for us so we could meet other medical and dental students. I met some of my best friends at those parties. Overall, I love it at Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukriane, because Medlink Students gave me the opportunity to follow my dream! Good luck and I hope you manage to follow your dream like I did.

Author: Sarah Nawras

I talk about studying medicine in Eastern Europe.

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