The thought of studying in a different country terrified me

When I first thought of the idea of leaving home in pursuit of my dream abroad, I was anxious, worried and slightly scared. I put it off for three years. I applied every year in the UK thinking “this year I’ll get in”.

I wasted three years of my life being delusional and thinking that UK universities will give me a chance, even though I met the entry requirements.

I was exhausted, crushed and dissapointed every year. Nothing feels worse more than constantly being rejected from pursuing your dream.

I got fed up with the UK, so I applied abroad and I got in straight away. Nothing felt more amazing. However, I was worried because I thought that countries like Bulgaria and Romania are a sh*t hole.

I could not be further from the truth – and thank God for that! Yes, these countries are not the UK or Germany, but they are good enough. People who come with a strong currency like the GBP (Pound) or EUR (Euro) will live very comfortably in such countries. I tend to notice that my friends and I, who pay between EUR 150-300/month for an apartment, live in the same complexes as people from wealthy backgrounds, politicians, CEOs and so on.

I live a life style that I would only dream of in the UK. I eat out all the time, I don’t stress about spending and going out with firends, and I have an amazing luxury apartment that my parents are even jealous of!

Yes, there are some challenges. Even thought many people speak English, it is very helpful to learn the language to get around. The culture is slightly different but the Eastern Europeans are very welcoming. The teachers can sometimes have an accent because their mother tongue is not English, however they all speak good fluent English and are so knowledgable in their fields.

Overall, I’m so happy that I built up the courage to I leave the UK and pursue my dream. I really appreciate the people who helped me get into university in Europe and I stay in touch with them regularly.

Step out of your comfort zone, it’s the best thing that I did and I’m sure you’ll agree with me in a few years!

Author: Sarah Nawras

I talk about studying medicine in Eastern Europe.

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